The Benefits Of Companion Care For Seniors With Anxiety

Seniors have a higher risk than other groups for developing anxiety and depression. And the uncertainty of the last few years has only increased the number of seniors who are developing anxiety. Studies now indicate that as many as 1 in 4 people over the age of 65 could have anxiety. The chances of developing anxiety get higher as a senior gets older. Anxiety can be difficult for anyone to manage, but it can be especially hard for seniors to manage because they often live alone and are socially isolated. Companion care at home services is a fantastic option for seniors who live alone and are suffering from anxiety.

With companion care at home, seniors don’t have to leave their homes to get the friendship and social interaction that can help lessen the symptoms of anxiety.

With help from companion care at home, seniors can manage their anxiety by doing things like:

Getting Enough Sleep

Companion Care at Home Leawood KS - The Benefits Of Companion Care For Seniors With Anxiety
Companion Care at Home Leawood KS – The Benefits Of Companion Care For Seniors With Anxiety

It’s very common for seniors to have insomnia or other sleep problems which can be made worse by anxiety. When your senior parent has a companion with them whether it’s overnight or during the day they are more likely to be able to get restful sleep or solid naps that will help them manage their anxiety. Restorative sleep can be very helpful in managing anxiety and too many seniors aren’t getting it because they are worried about being alone.

Eating Healthy Meals

Just like seniors need restorative sleep they also need a healthy diet. Sleep, healthy meals, and exercise really are the keys to good health at any age, but they are especially important for helping seniors manage their physical and mental health. With a companion who will share healthy meals with your senior parent, your loved one is much more likely to take the time to eat healthy meals and snacks.

Enjoying Hobbies

Seniors who have companion care at home have a friend to encourage them to try new hobbies or pick up old hobbies they used to enjoy. Your senior loved one can help manage their anxiety by working with their hands and enjoying hobbies like knitting, sewing, woodworking, painting, and many others. If there is a hobby that your senior loved one has always wanted to try now is the perfect time to encourage them to take a class or find a way to try that hobby.

Talking Through Their Anxiety

Often when someone with anxiety has no one to talk to they can get caught in an anxiety spiral where the anxiety feeds on itself until it becomes scary and unmanageable. If your senior loved one has a companion with them at home they will always have someone to talk with when they are feeling anxious or upset. Just talking out their anxiety and giving a voice to their anxious thoughts can be a huge help in managing anxiety. Sometimes your senior loved one really just needs a friend to talk with about the things that are on their minds.


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