How Seniors Can Combat Dry Indoor Air In Cold Weather

As people who live in cold climates start to prepare their homes for the arrival of the cold, seniors need to pay special attention to a particular problem caused by fall and winter weather: extremely dry indoor air. Dry indoor air can cause seniors who already suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes as a result of medication or illness to have pain or irritation in their mouth or eyes. Seniors also can develop cracked or uncomfortably dry skin if the indoor air is dry. Hiring home care assistance providers can help to make needed changes.

There are some things that seniors can do to fight dry indoor air and keep their homes at a comfortable level of humidity throughout the fall and winter like:

Hang Laundry Inside with Home Care Assistance Helping

Home Care Assistance Olathe KS - How Seniors Can Combat Dry Indoor Air In Cold Weather
Home Care Assistance Olathe KS – How Seniors Can Combat Dry Indoor Air In Cold Weather

A fantastic way to add some moisture to the indoor air when it gets dry is to hang some laundry inside to dry instead of putting it in the dryer. Home care assistance for seniors offers seniors help with laundry. They will make it easier for seniors to hang heavy wet towels or blankets on a drying rack inside instead of using the dryer. As the laundry dries the water that is evaporating will help humidify the air throughout the house.

Use Humidifiers

Humidifiers are essential for seniors. Cool mist humidifiers will add moisture to the air so that seniors have an easier time breathing and don’t have as much irritation caused by the dry air. Home care assistance providers can change the water in the humidifiers, fill them, and clean them as necessary so that they are safely adding moisture to the air. Seniors should have humidifiers in their main living spaces like their bedrooms and living rooms. Just make sure to check the humidity once and a while to make sure it’s not getting too humid indoors.

Get More Houseplants

Houseplants are something that all homes should really have. Even if you or your senior loved one don’t have green thumbs there are houseplants that are extremely difficult to kill that can thrive in almost any situation. Live plants put out oxygen and feed on the carbon dioxide in the air. They also can safely and gently humidify the house. And they are bright and cheery and can help seniors who are prone to seasonal affective disorder stay happy throughout the fall and winter. A home care assistance provider can help make sure that the plants get the water they need to stay healthy.

Keep Some Water Simmering

Speaking of water there is a very simple, safe, and basic way to add some healthy moisture to the air. You or your senior loved one can fill a slow cooker with water and add some spices, herbs, fruit like lemons or oranges, or juice to make a wonderful smell. Turn the slow cooker on low and leave the lid off. The consistent heat will make the water evaporate into the air adding moisture and making the house smell wonderfully naturally without any synthetic chemicals.

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