When is the Right Time to Prepare Your Dad for a Winter Storm?

The 2018/2019 winter season has seen many winter storms battering states. There have been mudslides, deep freezes, avalanches, and blizzards. If your dad lives where any of these storms have hit, he’s probably feeling a bit sick of winter.

Winter isn’t over yet. Before the next storm, you want to make sure your dad is really prepared. What you wonder is when is it the right time to get started with storm preparations?

Weather Forecasts Are Going to Change

In-Home Care Leawood KS - When is the Right Time to Prepare Your Dad for a Winter Storm?
In-Home Care Leawood KS – When is the Right Time to Prepare Your Dad for a Winter Storm?

Usually, you’ll start hearing of another storm about a week in advance. In that week, the storm may dissipate or intensify. You have to expect some changes. That storm that is due to dump a foot of snow may suddenly increase to 18 inches. The rain that’s supposed to fall could end up being freezing rain when the temperature doesn’t climb as high as expected.

For this reason, you want to plan ahead but not too far ahead. Some things, such as jugs of water or canned foods, can be stocked up in advance. You shouldn’t pay a driver to plow your dad’s driveway until you know it’s really going to snow a measurable amount.

Check Over the House in Advance

As the snow builds up, the weight of it may be too much for your dad’s roof. If there has been a lot of snow this winter, hire someone to rake the snow off the house’s roof and any roof over a deck or porch. Have the heating fuel company check that there is no ice building up on lines that go into the home. The company can also fill tanks to make sure your dad has enough heating fuel for another cold snap.

What About Having Someone Check on Your Dad?

You should hire someone to stop in and see how your dad is doing. If his heating system stops working or his power goes out, you want to know he’s okay. In-home care services cover this type of care. Caregivers can do welfare checks and help your dad with anything he needs to be done during the caregiver’s visit. He may simply want someone to talk to for a few hours a day when it’s miserable outside.

Talk to our in-home care agency. Companionship services are often a senior citizen’s first choice. It will keep your dad from feeling lonely and can alert you to any potential problems.

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