Tips To Keep Your Mom From Being Lonely At Home

If your mom is living on her own and you’re worried that she’s lonely at home companion care at home providers can help. Companion care at home is a type of care for seniors who are aging in place and have a hard time leaving the house for social events.

With companion care at home, your mom will get regular visits from a care provider who can help your mom with meals, play games, do puzzles, do crafts, and share conversations with her. Seniors who have companion care at home are often less lonely because they are getting regular visits from a friend they trust.

In addition to getting companion care at home for your mom you can use these tips to make sure your mom isn’t lonely living alone:

Regular Visits and Calls

Companion Care at Home Lenexa KS - Tips To Keep Your Mom From Being Lonely At Home
Companion Care at Home Lenexa KS – Tips To Keep Your Mom From Being Lonely At Home

Make it a habit to visit or call your mom regularly. Even short check-ins can make a big difference in combating loneliness. If you live far away a quick daily check-in call at the same time every day is a fantastic way to keep your mom from being lonely. Knowing that you’re going to call at a particular time will give her something to look forward to.

Encourage Social Activities

Encourage your mom to participate in social activities such as joining clubs, senior centers, or community groups that align with her interests. Many groups for seniors meet online so that seniors who have a hard time leaving the house can attend. If your mom has a computer or a smartphone or a tablet she will be able to join some online community groups or a book club.

Use Modern Technology

Help your mom stay connected with family and friends through video calls, social media, or messaging apps. Teach her how to use technology if she’s not familiar with it. A companion can also help her figure out how to use social media, video message apps, and other tools to make friends and talk to people online.

Support Hobbies and Interests

Encourage your mom to pursue hobbies or interests she enjoys. This could be anything from gardening, painting, reading, or attending classes or workshops. A companion can help your mom try new activities by going to the store for supplies, taking an online class with your mom, and helping your mom clean up and organize craft supplies.

Foster A Pet

Many senior animals need companionship. Fostering a pet is easier than adopting because the pet can be returned to the shelter at any time. Often the shelter pays for food and medical care as well, so all your mom has to do is love the cat or dog.

Suggest That She Volunteer

Suggest volunteering for local organizations or charities. Volunteering not only fosters social connections but also gives a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Many organizations need volunteers to work from home making calls or talking online so your mom can volunteer without having to go anywhere.

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