Four Reasons to Go Get Moving

Exercise is one of those things you know you should do, but that you don’t really get excited about necessarily. The thing is, exercise can do so much for you, your brain, and your ability to be a caregiver.

These are just a few of the reasons you should put together an exercise plan that you’ll love to keep doing.

Your Brain Takes a Breather

Caregiver Prairie Village KS - Four Reasons to Go Get Moving
Caregiver Prairie Village KS – Four Reasons to Go Get Moving

When did you last let your brain do whatever it wanted? It’s probably been a while, if you’ve done that at all. When you exercise, your brain is able to wander. The physical body is doing its thing and you can actively solve other problems. Your brain is also getting more oxygen and blood flow, which helps it to do more of what it needs to do. Those racing thoughts that keep you feeling panicked will start to slow down.

Your Sleep Will Improve

Exercising regularly is going to allow you to get better sleep at night. Your muscles will relax and you won’t have that little bit of extra energy that always seems to become a problem when you try to get to sleep. You need to be careful to time your workouts earlier in the day, though, so you don’t get too worked up before you go to bed. Exercising earlier in the day helps you to have more energy during the day.

You Might Manage Your Feelings Better

Processing emotions is difficult. And when you’re a caregiver, you’re dealing with emotions that are not light and easy feelings. When you allow yourself to have a physical outlet, that can give you the extra processing power you need to work through the difficult stuff and express yourself appropriately. This is particularly important if you’re feeling angry a lot.

Your Overall Health Improves

It might go without saying that your overall health is going to get at least a little bit better if you’re exercising regularly. Talk to your doctor about what you’re planning to do for exercise. Your doctor can put together some baseline information for you that lets you know where you are now. As you continue to exercise, you’ll start to see improvements in a variety of areas.

Being a busy caregiver might be your reason not to exercise, but it should be the only reason you need to get started. The benefits you’ll receive will help you to be a much better caregiver than you expect.

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