Elder Care Makes Getting Ready For Bed Easier For Seniors

Getting ready for bed at night can be downright dangerous for seniors. Often when seniors fall at home it’s at night, when they’re getting ready for bed or going to bed. That’s because before seniors go to bed they have to close up the house, change their clothes, brush their teeth, wash up, and get into bed. If your senior mom or dad has mobility challenges, poor balance, or other medical conditions, those tasks can be difficult. Elder care providers can help.

Elder care is available during the day or at night. If your senior parent struggles to do all the things they need to do to go to bed and get healthy restful sleep an elder care provider can give them the support they need.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that your senior parent is safe at home and that someone is there to help them with tasks like:

Closing Up The House

Elder Care Independence MO - Elder Care Makes Getting Ready For Bed Easier For Seniors
Elder Care Independence MO – Elder Care Makes Getting Ready For Bed Easier For Seniors

At night the doors need to be locked, shades pulled down, and other tasks done to make sure that the house is secure. Seniors may not be able to grip the shade pull or twist it. They may not have the strength to shut windows or pull curtains closed.

And they also may not be able to physically turn the lock or set an alarm. It’s smart to have an elder care provider in the house who can make sure that the house is secure at night.

Reminding Them To Take Medications

If your senior parent needs to take medication at night, as many seniors do, they could forget their medications. Seniors are often tired and confused at night which means it’s easy for them to forget their medication. An elder care provider can remind your senior parent to take their medications before bed.

Helping Them Change

When seniors are already tired they may find it difficult to change their clothes, take off their shoes and socks, and put on their pajamas. With help from an elder care provider your senior parent won’t struggle to get comfortable and ready for bed. If your senior parent usually showers before bed they may need personal care at home to help them shower.

Making Sure Medical Equipment Is Working

If your senior parent needs a CPAP machine, oxygen mask, or other medical equipment so they can sleep safely at night a care provider will make sure that the equipment is functioning properly.

They can help your senior parent get settled into bed and make sure the equipment is fitted properly so that your senior parent can go to sleep. Often seniors feel much more relaxed at night knowing someone is there is help them with their medical devices if they need it.

Helping Them Get To The Bathroom

A care provider who is in the house overnight can support your senior parent if they need to use the bathroom at night. That will lower the risk that your senior parent will fall trying to get to the bathroom.

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