How Home Care For Seniors Works

If you have a senior parent that wants to live at home as they get older home care providers can help them live independently. Home care is a service for seniors where a care provider will come to the house on a regular schedule to help seniors with household tasks and other support tasks. When seniors have home care they are better able to live on their own as they get older.

Schedules for home care are customizable and flexible so that your senior parent can get the help they need whenever they need it. During the day, at night, or a mix of both. Whatever your senior parent’s needs are care can be customized to fit those needs. And if your senior parent’s needs change because they get sick, or they need more help as they age, the caregiver they get can change to accommodate them.

Some of the things that home care for seniors includes are:

Running Errands And Shopping

Home Care Olathe KS - How Home Care For Seniors Works
Home Care Olathe KS – How Home Care For Seniors Works

If your senior mom or dad doesn’t drive any longer and has a hard time getting out of the house a care provider can run their errands for them. A care provider can do things like go to the post office, bring in mail, go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, go to the grocery store, pick up online orders at stores, and much more.

Medication Reminders

Only a registered home health care provider can give medications, but a care provider can remind your senior parent when they need to take medications. They can fill pill organizers, set reminders, and open bottles that are difficult for your senior parent to open on their own.

Meal Preparation

Many seniors who are living independently need help with cooking meals or preparing snacks. It can be very difficult for seniors to perform tasks like chopping, washing vegetables, stirring, or cutting things.
Lifting jugs of milk or water out of the refrigerator, picking up pots and pans from the stove, or bending over to get dishes and pans out of cupboards can be difficult for seniors too. With home care, your senior mom or dad will have delicious meals daily that they don’t have to struggle to cook.


A care provider that is helping your mom or dad can do light housekeeping tasks like doing the dishes, dusting, picking up blankets, mail, magazines, and other clutter, putting away clothes, doing the laundry, sweeping, and vacuuming.

Going To Appointments

With home care, your senior parent won’t have to go to doctor’s appointments or other appointments alone, even if you can’t take off work to go.

A home care provider will take your senior parent to their appointments so they will have the help they need to get to the appointment and home safely. It can be very comforting for seniors to have someone with them when they go out when they get anxious or need physical help.

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