How Seniors Can Keep Cool This Summer

You have probably noticed that experts are once again predicting searing hot weather throughout the summer. Seniors, who have a harder time than other age groups regulating their body temperatures, can develop heat-related illnesses pretty quickly in the summer when the temperatures rise. Because seniors can develop heat stroke quickly you should also consider senior home care services for your mom or dad. If they have senior home care your mom or dad will have regular visits from a caregiver who can help them stay cool and avoid heat stroke.

Seniors who are living in homes where they have lived for a long time may not be equipped to handle the extreme heat. If your childhood home, or the home your senior mom or dad is living in, doesn’t have air conditioning you should consider getting them some window air units or having central air installed.

Some other things that can help your senior parent stay cool this summer are:

Stay Hydrated

Senior Home Care Lee's Summit MO - How Seniors Can Keep Cool This Summer
Senior Home Care Lee’s Summit MO – How Seniors Can Keep Cool This Summery

Make sure that your senior parent drinks plenty of water throughout the day. To encourage them to drink more water put pitchers of water in the fridge to stay cold. Or, keep bottled water in the freezer so they the water will stay cool as the ice melts throughout the day when they take a bottle out. Adding fresh fruit, mint, or other herbs to the water can also encourage your senior parent to drink more water.

Use Air Conditioning

If your senior parent has air conditioning, make sure that they use it. Often seniors won’t want to turn on the air until it’s too hot not to because they don’t want to run up their energy bills. But it’s less expensive to keep the air at a constant temperature. Use a smart plug or a remote to control the air conditioner so you can make sure it’s turned on.

Set Up Fans

Use fans to circulate air and create a breeze. Ceiling fans, box fans, or oscillating fans can help circulate the air throughout the house if your senior parent’s home doesn’t have ceiling fans. If the rooms do have ceiling fans make sure they are turned on and make sure the blades are in the right direction to disperse heat. Make sure windows are open in the evening and early morning to let in cooler air.

Wear Light Clothing

When the weather is hot seniors should always wear loose-fitting, light-colored, and lightweight clothing. Natural fabrics like cotton are more breathable than manmade fabrics and can help keep your senior parent cool and feeling fresh.

Cool Showers and Baths

Seniors should take cool baths or showers before bed to help them lower their body temperature. That will help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Also, make sure there is a fan or air conditioning in the bedroom so that your senior parent isn’t too hot to sleep at night.

Block the Sun

Close curtains or blinds during the day to block out the sun’s heat. Blackout curtains are a great investment that can really help lower the temperature in the home on hot days. Light-reflective window film can also help control the heat inside the house.

Stay Indoors During Peak Heat

Seniors should avoid going outside during the hottest parts of the day, typically between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If your senior parent is going to an appointment, needs to shop, or has errands that they want to do it’s best to do them early in the day.

Cool Down with Ice Packs

Seniors can always use ice packs or cold compresses on their wrists, neck, and forehead to quickly cool down. Homemade popsicles and other frozen treats can help them lower their temperature.

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