Dentures and Dental Implants For Seniors

Dentures and dental implants are two popular ways seniors get the dental care they need. They help with problems caused by missing teeth, affecting oral and overall health. People lose more teeth as they age because of normal wear and tear, gum disease, and other dental problems. Both dentures and dental implants have their own benefits, and a senior’s situation, taste, and oral health will determine which is best for them. Home care assistance services and loved ones can help seniors gain their needed support.

Continue reading to learn about each option.


Home Care Assistance Shawnee KS - Dentures and Dental Implants For Seniors
Home Care Assistance Shawnee KS – Dentures and Dental Implants For Seniors

Dentures have been the standard way to replace missing teeth for many years. There are two main types: complete and partial. Complete dentures replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures replace only a few lost teeth and are held in place by the teeth that are still there. The benefits of dentures are detailed below.

Affordability: Dentures are generally cheaper than dental implants, making them a good choice for seniors on a tight budget.

Non-invasive: Getting dentures doesn’t require surgery, which makes it less scary for seniors who might be worried about their health.

Quick and Efficient: Dentures can be made faster than dental implants so seniors can smile and chew again sooner.

Adjustability: As the jawbone changes over time, dentures can be changed and relined as needed to keep a good fit.

However, dentures might have some downsides depending on the situation. The first of these is stability. Even though advances have made dentures more stable, they can still move or fall out while eating or talking, which can be painful and make it hard to speak. Additionally, dentures must be taken out and cleaned daily, which can be hard for some seniors. Still, some of these deterrents can be monitored with home care assistance.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a modern and effective way for seniors to replace missing teeth in a way that feels more natural and lasts longer. For implants, titanium posts are surgically put into the jawbone. These titanium posts act as replacement tooth roots. Over time, these posts join with the bone, making a strong base for replacement teeth. The benefits of dental implants can be found below.

Stability and Function: Dental implants are more stable and work better than dentures, so seniors can eat, talk, and smile with trust. This also alleviates any embarrassment or shame they might feel.

Bone Preservation: Implants trigger the jawbone, which stops bone loss and keeps the shape of the face over time.

Durability: If seniors take good care of their dental implants, they can last a lifetime. This means they won’t have to change them as often. They gain valuable support to help them learn how to care for the implants through home care assistance, loved ones, and their dental team.

Efficiency: Implants don’t use the natural teeth beside them for support. This keeps the natural teeth in good shape and reduces the risk of more dental problems.

Just like dentures, dental implants also have some things to consider. For instance, seniors need surgery to attach dental implants, which might be scary. It also requires additional healing time. Also, dental implants usually cost more upfront than dentures, which could be a problem for some seniors.

Ultimately, seniors should talk to a dentist or oral surgeon about getting dentures or dental implants. Once they know their options, they can make an informed choice with home care assistance and loved ones by their side.


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