Hair Care Tips for the Elderly

When it comes to your elderly loved one’s hair, someone may need to step up and help them out. This is a service that personal care at home providers can do. It can often be difficult for senior citizens to manage their own hair. From brushing to cutting to washing it, all these tasks can be uncomfortable or even impossible, depending on what health issues your elderly loved one has. If they are able to do their own hair care, there are some tips that can help them to do it safer and more efficiently, too.

Hair Care Routine

Personal Care at Home Olathe KS - Hair Care Tips for the Elderly
Personal Care at Home Olathe KS – Hair Care Tips for the Elderly

One of the best tips for helping senior citizens to manage their hair is to create a haircare routine. This routine can include many things such as:

  • Day of haircut
  • Time to brush or comb hair
  • When to wash hair
  • Products they may need in their hair

Remember, depending on the health of your elderly loved one, they may need you or a personal care at home provider to help with their hair care routines. If that is the case and you can’t help as often as it is needed, you may want to get personal care at home services for your elderly loved one’s hair.

Easy-to-Maintain Style

Another tip to help ensure your elderly loved one’s hair is taken care of as it should be is to get them an easy-to-maintain style. For example, if your elderly loved one is a guy, it might be a good idea to cut their hair very short. There are many pretty, easy-to-maintain women’s haircuts or styles that can be done for your elderly loved one, if she is a woman, as well.

Washing Their Hair

You should also help your elderly loved one come up with a routine that involves washing their hair regularly. They may just need reminders to do this or they may need help from you or personal care at home providers. If they do need help already and this isn’t something they want your help with, getting personal care at home services may be the answer. These home care providers can help your elderly loved one without imposing upon their personal boundaries. They are very respectful and have experience in helping senior citizens in the shower or the bathtub.

If your elderly loved one needs to use specific products on their hair, make sure to let the home care providers who are helping out know this. They will follow these preferences when helping your elderly loved one to wash their hair or take their bath.

Hiring Personal Care at Home Providers

The above-noted hair care tips should be able to help your elderly loved one. Don’t forget that if your elderly loved one needs help managing their hair, there are professionals who can come to their home to help. These are called personal care at home services. The home care providers that come over to your loved one’s home can help with washing, drying, and brushing their hair. If there are certain products that need to be used, they can do that, as well.

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Kevin Edwards