Security Tips All Seniors Can Use To Stay Safe At Home

Security is a top priority for seniors aging in place, and for the family members that worry about them living alone. There are a lot of things that seniors can do to make their homes more secure and provide the peace of mind that seniors and their families want. One of the most recommended security upgrades for seniors is 24-hour home care services. 24-hour home care ensures that seniors are never alone, and there’s no better security than that.

24-Hour Home Care Leawood KS - Security Tips All Seniors Can Use To Stay Safe At Home
24-Hour Home Care Leawood KS – Security Tips All Seniors Can Use To Stay Safe At Home

Having 24-hour home care means that seniors aren’t alone at night, or early in the morning when most falls happen. Seniors won’t have to worry about being alone if their medical equipment breaks or fails. And they won’t have to worry about what will happen to them if they fall or have a medical event. Someone will be there around the clock to help them.

Some other things that seniors can do to make sure they are safe living independently at home are:

Use Smart Home Security

Embrace smart home technology to enhance security. Smart doorbells with cameras allow seniors to see and communicate with visitors without opening the door. Smart home systems can include sensors for doors and windows, notifying both seniors and caregivers of any unusual activity. Smart home security systems can be customized for the needs of any senior and designed to fit any home.

Use of Peepholes and Door Viewers

Install peepholes or door viewers at different heights on exterior doors. This ensures that individuals of varying heights, including those who may use mobility aids, can easily see who is outside without fully opening the door. It provides an extra layer of security by allowing visual verification before engaging with visitors.

Establish a Routine

Establish a routine for regular communication with neighbors, friends, or family members. This can include daily check-ins or scheduled visits. In the event of an emergency or if something seems amiss, having a network of individuals aware of the senior’s well-being adds an extra layer of security. Additionally, maintaining social connections helps combat isolation and loneliness.

Hang Window Film

Apply window film for enhanced privacy. This film allows seniors to enjoy natural light while preventing outsiders from easily seeing inside the home. It adds an extra layer of security by reducing the risk of potential intruders scouting the interior of the house. Window film comes in various styles, including decorative options that also enhance the aesthetics of the home. Window film is easy to hang with just water. There’s no adhesive.

Secure Wi-Fi Networks To Prevent Scams And Theft

Ensure that the home’s Wi-Fi network is secure. Set up strong, unique passwords for the router and connected devices. This helps prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and protects against potential cyber threats. Regularly update passwords and enable encryption features to enhance digital security.

Install Motion-Activated Lighting

Install motion-activated lighting both indoors and outdoors. Well-lit areas deter potential intruders and make it safer for seniors to navigate their homes, especially during the night. Motion-activated lights also serve the practical purpose of providing light for seniors who are walking around outdoors at night or walking from the car to the door at night, especially during the winter when it gets dark early.

Install A Smart Lock

Smart locks are ideal for seniors living alone. A smart lock has a keypad instead of a key, so seniors with arthritis don’t have to worry about not being able to grip or turn a key to get in. You can assign everyone who needs access to the house a unique code so that you can track who goes into the house. And, the codes can be changed instantly if necessary.

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