How Palliative Care Helps Seniors Aging In Place

Most seniors would prefer to age in place or stay in their own homes as they get older. But for seniors that have serious medical conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, or conditions like severe arthritis staying at home as they get older can be very challenging because of those conditions. Elder care services, which can be done at home, make it possible for many seniors to remain in the homes they love as they get older. By focusing on the quality of life and the management of the symptoms of serious illnesses seniors are more likely to be able to stay at home as they get older.

Elder Care Belton MO - How Palliative Care Helps Seniors Aging In Place
Elder Care Belton MO – How Palliative Care Helps Seniors Aging In Place

Palliative care also helps seniors who have serious medical conditions live well at home. The combination of palliative care and elder care can give seniors the retirement they always wanted and the chance to be surrounded by their favorite memories as they get older. Being in an environment that is familiar and comfortable can help seniors stay mentally and physically healthy.

Some of the ways that palliative and elder care are helping to keep seniors at home include:

Medication Management 

By prescribing medications that can help seniors manage the pain and symptoms of their condition palliative care makes it easier for seniors to remain independent at home. Often it’s the symptoms of these conditions that cause problems for seniors who want to live at home because the symptoms make it not difficult for them to perform the tasks they need to be able to perform to live independently. But with the right medication and good medication management seniors can stay at home independently.

Elder care can also help seniors with things like picking up prescriptions and making sure their prescriptions get refilled on time. 

A Holistic Approach To Life

Palliative care stresses a holistic approach to a pain-free life that can help seniors remain safe at home. By focusing on things like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and incorporating gentle movement and exercise into your senior parent’s daily routine palliative care aims to give your senior parent a better overall quality of life so that they can enjoy hobbies, time with friends and family, and living in the house where they have happy memories of their kids and families. That holistic approach to health and living makes it possible for many seniors to be safe and healthy at home. 

Better Physical And Mental Health 

Palliative care often starts when someone is diagnosed with a serious illness. By introducing palliative care right away seniors may be able to maintain good physical and mental health for a longer period of time. In some cases, the switch to living a healthier lifestyle and managing any symptoms from the start may be able to slow down the progression of diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. But palliative care is really focused on making sure that seniors are living their best lives every day and making the most of everything they have. 

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