Tips For Seniors To Stay Healthy This Winter

Seniors have a higher risk of getting sick during the winter months, so it makes sense for seniors to do everything they can to prevent illness. But, that doesn’t mean that seniors should never leave their homes or be around people. Senior home care providers can help seniors avoid getting sick this winter by running errands for seniors, shopping for them, and making sure that seniors do things to stay healthy.

If seniors and the people who are around them take precautions to reduce the spread of germs, seniors should be able to minimize the risk of getting sick. But with the flu and respiratory infections like RSV and COVID everywhere seniors do need to be careful.

Get Vaccinated

Senior Home Care Olathe KS - Tips For Seniors To Stay Healthy This Winter
Senior Home Care Olathe KS – Tips For Seniors To Stay Healthy This Winter

One of the most effective ways for seniors to protect themselves from seasonal illnesses, such as the flu and pneumonia, is to get vaccinated. Flu shots are especially important as the influenza virus tends to be more prevalent during the winter months. Pneumonia vaccines are also recommended for seniors to prevent respiratory infections. There are also updated vaccines available to protect seniors from RSV and COVID. Seniors who haven’t been vaccinated should talk to their doctors right away about getting vaccinated. A senior home care provider can take your senior parent to get vaccinated if your senior parent no longer drives.

Wash Hands

It’s a very simple thing to wash hands, but it is one of the best things seniors can do to avoid getting sick. Seniors should wash their hands with soap anytime they come home from shopping or being around people. Anyone who comes into the home should wash their hands immediately upon entering. It’s a good idea for seniors to carry hand sanitizer and use that while they are out shopping or running errands too.

Run An Air Purifier

During the winter the air indoors can be full of allergens. When the body is fighting off allergens it may not be able to fight off germs as effectively as it should. Running an air purifier will help keep the air indoors free of dust, allergens, and other irritants that can cause coughing and lung irritation. An air purifier can also help reduce nasal congestion and sinus problems.

Drink Fluids

Keeping the body hydrated will help the circulatory system flush toxins, bacteria, and other nasty things out of the body and prevent illness. Water is the best thing for seniors to drink, but hot herbal tea, sports drinks, orange juice, and other liquids will work too. Bone broth, which is broth made from the bones of animals that contains collagen and lots of vitamins and minerals, is a fantastic thing for seniors to drink daily to stay healthy.

Call The Doctor

If your senior parent develops any symptoms of illness like a fever, cough, or congestion that doesn’t go away or gets worse call their doctor right away. Some medicines can help ease their symptoms or prevent them from getting worse. Some of these medicines need to be taken at the start of symptoms, so don’t hesitate to call the doctor if your senior parent gets symptoms of the flu or any kind of respiratory illness.

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